The Center provides the following services:

1. The consultation on the question of the nanosatellite capability to fulfill the flight mission.
2. The testing of the original components and software: the onboard computers, the power supply system, stabilization system, attitude system, navigating equipment, transceivers, and antennas.
3 The designing and testing of the nanosatellites created on the basis of commercial components.
4. The formation of the requirements to the nanosatellite separation system.
5. The development of the constructive solution of the separation system under customer requirements.
6. The development of the soft hardware for onboard systems (navigation, control, communication).
7. The development of software of the thematic processing of the data arriving from the nanosatellite experimental equipment.
8. The carrying out of the autonomous ground tests verifying both the compatibility of the given nanosatellite model with the launch platform and the nanosatellite normal operation at all stages of its life cycle: at storage, transportation to the launch place, launch phase, separation from the platform, orbital flight.
9. The testing and complex workout of the nanosatellite systems.
10. The nanosatellite structural modification by results of the conducted tests, repair or replacement of the broken components.
11. The organization of the training for the Russian and foreign experts in a theme: «How to create the nanosatellite».
12. The development of the nanosatellite virtual shape on the customer request